Fedus Youth Ministries 


Fedus Youth Ministries is a registered Christian organisation (Registration no - TR/INC 1794) whose main aim is to promote youth evangelism and enhance socioeconomic development amongst the youth. FYM aims at enhancing the spiritual and social development of youth through training and provision of resources necessary for their development. FYM envisions a vibrant youth equipped with spiritual maturity, life skills, academic excellence, and leadership capacity, who becomes a strong pillar of faith and morality in the school, church, community and beyond.


To promote youth evangelism and development in Malawi and beyond.


To transform the lives of youth with the Gospel thereby developing them into pillars of faith, and morality in their schools, churches, communities and beyond.


A vibrant youth equipped with spiritual maturity, academic excellence, life skills and leadership capacity who becomes a strong pillar of faith and morality in the church, school, community and beyond.


  1. To promote christian evangelism among the youth.
  2. To enhance the spiritual and socio-economic development of youth.
  3. To mobilise and provide resources to the youth that are necessary for their attaining spiritual growth, academic and socio-economic development.


  1. To mobilize the youth and involve them in christian evangelism and discipleship.
  2. To promote the rights of the girl child.
  3. To help the youth realize their potential and talents by involving them in various social activities (e.g. sports, drama, dance)
  4. To mobilize and involve the youth in the fight against HIV, AIDS, drug and alcohol abuse.
  5. To promote christian youth exchange visits at local, national and international level.
  6. To equip the youth with different skills in order for them to boldly face and overcome the challenges of life as they grow up.
  7. To assist young people set up youth resource centers within their communities.
  8. As a long term objective, to establish christian youth radio and television stations


  1. Christ likeness portrayed in our lives and in our relationships with God, other people, and our work.
  2. Total commitment to ministry in specific areas of responsibilities.
  3. Teamwork and collaboration that underlies all Christian work for maximum impact.
  4. A passion for excellence that must drive all the activities of FYM.
  5. Transparency that must be portrayed at all ministry levels.
  6. Personal integrity and selflessness.
  7. A perception that all human beings are of equal value deserving equal attention.
  8. A holistic approach of ministry realizing that all human beings are both spiritual and physical.
  9. Interdenominational participation: that is, the work of FYM will cut across all religious denominations to foster unity.
  10. FYM is being founded on the premise of highest moral integrity that will be exemplified by its administrative staff, the quality of its services /outreach activities and the conduct and inspiration of young people who have been supported by this organization.
  11. Partnership building with various stakeholders in youth ministry.



Youth Mobilization:

  1. FYM mobilizes the youth to be involved in activities such as youth evangelism, anti HIV/AIDS campaign, advocacy for increased employment or self employment as well as many others.
  2. FYM also mobilize youth to form youth clubs and cooperatives.

Training and Empowerment:

When you train a youth, you invest in the future of the nation. This includes the church. Youth are a very important human resource. FYM uses this strategy in order to equip young people with skills necessary for their spiritual, social and economic development. The skills include; life planning, how to prevent HIV/AIDS and STD/Is, evangelism, peer education, vocational, youth club leadership and management, basic computer operation, and many more.

Resource Mobilization:

FYM mobilizes resources that help the youth to attain spiritual growth, academic excellence, life skills, and leadership capacity. Such resources include books, Bibles, tracts, training materials, computers, internet services, sports equipment, academic materials (e.g. notebooks, pens), facilities for different outdoor and indoor games and many others.