Fedus Youth Ministries 


"Kids Are Not For Sale" Campaign

Fedus Youth Ministries (FYM) is embarking on this campaign in order to contribute to the promotion of effective prevention practices against child trafficking in Malawi.

The project is aimed at conducting activities that will raise awareness and build the capacity among the communities in Malawi on how to prevent selling out their children to unknown or known traffickers who lure children from their homes with false employment offers that result in involuntary domestic servitude or commercial sexual exploitation. This project will spread the message of preventing child trafficking, child abuse and domestic slavery in Malawi.


Many children are victims of child labor found in tobacco farms, herding cattle, fishing industry, street vending and domestic servitude, particularly for girls. Most of the children work to support their poverty stricken families. Most of these children are born from very poor families whereby their parents even fail to provide them daily food. They don't even dream of going to school because they know that they cannot go further than primary school because of resources shortage. Reports also indicate that the problem of street children, mostly orphans whose parents died from HIV/AIDS has increased. Many boys are trafficked for working in tobacco plantations and animal herding while girls are trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation or work in bars and restaurants as well as domestic servitude.


People in the communities, generally, have no knowledge as to what child trafficking is all about. Parents are easily tricked by some people that they will offer the children some work but they end up into forced prostitution and criminal gangs. Most of the parents are offered money, cloths and sometimes tricked that their children are going to be sent to schools and work in good jobs in towns and cities not knowing that they are selling their children. 


To enhance the capacity of students and local communities in order to address human trafficking, especially children.