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Primary Schools Arts Festival - Lilongwe

Posted by Lusayo Mwanganya on November 5, 2016 at 9:30 AM Comments comments (45)



More than half of the world’s population is composed of the youth. The same is with our country, Malawi, meaning that the nation is a youthful nation.

Some of the challenges among young people include

  • High poverty: over 60 % of the country’s population is in abject poverty and this makes it difficult for the youth (especially orphans and vulnerable children) to progress with their studies and other social and economic development activities.
  • HIV/AIDS: The country is faced with 10% HIV/Aids prevalence threatening more youth and causing orphan problems. .
  • Unemployment: Job scarcity is a problem. In addition, the school curriculum orients the youth to white collar jobs rather than making the youth self-reliant and self employers and even employers of others. There are also inadequate vocational centers to impart entrepreneurial skills to the youth.
  • Inadequate Capacity and Life Skills: Youth literacy rate is very low. Moreover, most of the youth are undertrained and face problems in making decisions about their own life due to inadequate life skills.
  • Peer Pressure: Leading to drug and alcohol abuse and premarital sex. This is made worse by inadequate counseling and career guidance.

It is for this reason that Fedus Youth Ministries (FYM) is implementing a project called Generation “Y” Impact – drama competition, a program whose aim is to promote talents and skills amongst young people in schools. Additionally, the project seeks to encourage the culture of English speaking in our schools. The young people try to find solutions to problems surrounding them as well as the society at large through the plays that they will stage. Experienced volunteer youth are identified and engaged in facilitating the preparations of the schools’ children’s drama groups. The volunteers develop play scripts for the drama groups and equip them with acting skills so that they can release the best talents out of them.

The volunteers are first oriented on the purpose of the festival and what is expected of them. Since the service that these volunteers offer is free of charge, FEDUS provides the volunteers with computer training as an incentive. Each school is required to produce a 25 minute play under a chosen theme. The best three schools receive prizes, with the first receiving a trophy.

Three well experienced, independent and mature individuals in art are engaged to monitor the performances with the highest focus on acting skills and the speaking of English and the theme of the play. Three judges will be engaged to monitor the performances and finally announce the winners. Prizes will include books, t-shirts, finances and a trophy. 

New Offices

Posted by Lusayo Mwanganya on August 2, 2015 at 2:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Fedus Youth Ministries officialy informs the general public that it has shifted its offices from Area 23 to Area 22b in Lilongwe, Malawi. All people wishing to visit our offices should get in touch with officials at our offices for directions. Click here for contacts.

Talent Promotion Exravaganza

Posted by Lusayo Mwanganya on January 18, 2013 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (0)

On Jaunary 4th, 2013, soon after getting into the New Year, Afar Youth Club organised a youth talent promotion extravaganza at Fedus Youth Ministries playground in Area 23 in Lilongwe. Many young people registered to take part in the event such that others did not perform their activities due to less time. Some of the activities that young people presented included poems, songs, choir performances, solo music, pool tables skills, draft, bawo, dance and many more. Fedus Youth Ministries facilittated the establishment of a youth club by the name "Afar Youth Club" in October 2012. This youth club was initialy composed of graduates from the computer classes tha the organisation facilitates. As of now, the youth club has grown such that it has applied for registration with the District Youth Officer (Lilongwe Urban). Its members are increasing every week is they meet to conduct their activities. The club is planning to have another event like this one on the 4th of March 2013 at the same venue. Please check out on this page for a detailed program of the event to be posted soon.

Second Computer Class Graduates

Posted by Lusayo Mwanganya on January 18, 2013 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (0)

The second computer class finished its lessons in November. The students had a graduation ceremony on the 5th of December 2012. The total number of students who graduated was 21. Present during the occassion were among others - Group Village Headman Chinyama, District Youth Officer for Lilongwe Urban (Mr. Peter Pindani), Reverend Hope Herbert Nkhoma of Great Commission Assembly (Malawi Assemblies of God), Youth Facillitaors from Fedus (Peter Dzingwangwa and Jefkins Mndala), various youth representatives from diferent youth organisations and members of the community. In addition to computer operation training, the youth also were also equipped with vast knowledge and various skills, life skills, sexual reproductive health, peer education, biblical studies, youth club establishment and many others. Below is the list of students who graduated and were awarded with certificates.

  1. Amina          Saidi
  2. Angella        Chatanga
  3. Chipililo      John
  4. Chisomo    Tamanga
  5. Eliza            Jizalemu
  6. Hannock    Chingondo
  7. Hennly        Zingano
  8. Hope          Awali
  9. Jacob         Chabuka
  10. John           Khonjera
  11. Judith         Banda
  12. Maria          Aman
  13. Martha       Mndala
  14. Mayamko  Kapadza
  15. Moureen   Kathumba
  16. Mwai          Munthali
  17. Robert       Phiri
  18. Ruth           Doxen
  19. Sharon      Zimba
  20. Sopani       Nyirenda
  21. Wetu          Assan

First Computer Class Graduates

Posted by Lusayo Mwanganya on October 6, 2012 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (0)

The first computer class has fininshed its training. The students will recieve their certificates on 12th October 2012 at Fedus offices. The certificate awarding ceremony will start at 9:00 a.m. The guest of Honor will be the District Youth Officer for Lilongwe urban. The students that graduated are listed below:

  1. Francis          GeorgeChimtokoma
  2. Gerald           J.K.Chirwa
  3. Honest          Mwiba
  4. Joel                Chisenga
  5. Kondwani     Chunga
  6. Memory         Sosola
  7. Nelia              Ng’oma
  8. Samuel         Ndasauka
  9. Susen           Katuluza
  10. Tionge          Ng’oma