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More than half of the world’s population is composed of the youth. The same is with our country, Malawi, meaning that the nation is a youthful nation. Young people are sinners in need of a savior. They are seekers in search of the truth. They are idealists in search of a cause. Along with their intense desire for independence, they face many crises in life. There is pressure from every side to adopt the world’s standards and not God’s standards for holiness. The world’s causes include everything from overthrowing governments to approving abortions.

The youth are always in search of knowledge and truth; they have ideals whose cause they are always fighting to find. They have intense desire for independence hence they do what ever they can to achieve it. This desire brings along wrong decisions that are derived from wrong ideologies and philosophies. There is a lot of drug usage, promiscuity, crime, child abuse, violence, and many other unwelcome behaviors among the youth on the streets and within communities.

Death rate has dramatically increased among the youth due to several factors. That’s why the youth need the much needed attention now than ever. They need guidance, direction and above all, they need Christ in order to have real life and real peace.

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